Friday, May 23, 2014

Poster ideas

Starting to think of a final outcome of my project, I would like to think of ideas for a poster. This could mean many different things, based on dancing I thought of an idea to do a nightclub poster advertising a specific night themed on dance. Again I used a variation of different medias and tried out many different layouts, colours, images and themes.

I was inspired by a book based on the swinging sixties, this caused me to develop this idea into a 60's dance themed night, I continued to experiment with these ideas.

Somehow this idea did not work very well with me as my photographs and the ideas in my head of dancing are more on a contemporary, professional side of dance. My next idea was to make up a dance festival, this seemed more relevant as it could include a range of dances. I did some research and discovered that this could be a good idea if I followed the theme correctly. I experimented some more with layout, colour, names, logos for my dance festival.

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