Monday, January 27, 2014

3 in 2 projects - photography

For the photography project as part of the 3 in 2, we were to pick a word and take a series of photographs based on hat particular word. I chose the word CONTACT. I worked with a range of objects and people, most images were not posed, though some were purposely designed to the theme. 

3 in 2 projects- irony

For the first choice of the six projects I chose to do the irony project. This entitled me to be creative and witty and think of brands and logos to alter on photoshop. At first, I decided to go for a big company that is seen multiple times in anyones daily life, Tesco. 

I then came up with another idea of manipulating tube signs in London, to represent what they really are. 

data translate

For the next week, we extended the mapping project by taking another approach of translating data. With the choice of using the theme from the previous mapping project, we were to collect a range of data that was unique and had not been done before. We then made the data into a graphical piece displaying the information we collected. 
Aiming for a personal approach, I decided to focus on my ipod and the music I listen to frequently. I collected some data of numbers and times that the music and lyrics came in. My final idea was to display the times before the lyrics came in, of the songs that I listen to most. To do this I went through a number of songs and wrote down the time in which the lyrics came in, then took a note of the first few words of the song. My final piece was displaying the time in the form of a line and writing the lyrics after. This idea finalised in a range of lines of different sizes, followed by limited words at the end. 

Friday, January 10, 2014

mapping project

For the first week back from Christmas, we were given a brief to create a map in our own form. I chose to focus on a body map to create a unique map of my own. I started off by doing some research of body maps and rebelled against most of the maps I found, creating a whole new idea. I took some photographs based on some photographers I know of who focus on the body. Robert Mapplethorpe and Bill Brandt are examples of this. I took some photographs based on these photographers and edited them on photoshop. I then manipulated the photos by putting images of maps on top of the photos, I used relevant maps. One of my female models is from Cyprus therefore I placed a map of Cyprus on a photo of her body.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

week 5- Branding project

For the chosen two week project I chose to do the branding project. We started off by deciding what food brand we wanted to make, I thought of a cuisine I liked and a food type that would be interesting for me to study into. I chose to do Italian cakes.
I started off by researching Italian cake brands. I decided to focus on the logo to start off with, as i had recently done calligraphy I thought I'd experiment with that. I named my brand 'Through the Grapevine' and had another logo of 'Original Cakes from the Boot'.

I created a menu for my cakes of interesting and unique recipes with a main ingredient of grapes, an unusual choice that would attract people to try something that had never been done before.
With my logos I had created by hand and then edited on Photoshop, I got some images from the internet and printed the logos on the box images. 

I then made my own boxes and printed the logos on them so I had a example in 3D.