Wednesday, March 5, 2014

FMP start

For my Final Major project I have decided to focus on a magazine. From the research I have done so far, I came up with my project proposal.

Further research will require me to look into other graphic magazines such as 'Web Designer', Time magazine, DG magazine, Daze and Confused, Creative review, and many  more.

weather project

For the weather project, we were to think of something or someone that we saw or encountered everyday. It could be a scene or an object, I chose to first photograph my duvet in different shapes in the morning. Every day, I wake up and this is something I see first thing in the morning. It makes some unique shapes with the folds and bends of the material fabric. I made a contact sheet of these images and chose a couple of images that I could manipulate. I focussed on the flowing shapes that lead the eye. If one studies the images, many shapes, objects and animals can be created within it. 
I collected some images from the internet of animals that connect to the weather for example penguins because they live in a cold environment. 

3 in 2 projects - alphabet

The final project I decided to do out of the six is the alphabet of our own. This project required our intelligence and creativity to think of a new way to present the alphabet. I decided to use my photography skills again and photograph an alphabet out of hands as a shadow. Using these letters I created words such as my name with the shadow letters on the computer to show how they work as the alphabet.