Sunday, January 5, 2014

week 5- Branding project

For the chosen two week project I chose to do the branding project. We started off by deciding what food brand we wanted to make, I thought of a cuisine I liked and a food type that would be interesting for me to study into. I chose to do Italian cakes.
I started off by researching Italian cake brands. I decided to focus on the logo to start off with, as i had recently done calligraphy I thought I'd experiment with that. I named my brand 'Through the Grapevine' and had another logo of 'Original Cakes from the Boot'.

I created a menu for my cakes of interesting and unique recipes with a main ingredient of grapes, an unusual choice that would attract people to try something that had never been done before.
With my logos I had created by hand and then edited on Photoshop, I got some images from the internet and printed the logos on the box images. 

I then made my own boxes and printed the logos on them so I had a example in 3D. 

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