Monday, January 27, 2014

data translate

For the next week, we extended the mapping project by taking another approach of translating data. With the choice of using the theme from the previous mapping project, we were to collect a range of data that was unique and had not been done before. We then made the data into a graphical piece displaying the information we collected. 
Aiming for a personal approach, I decided to focus on my ipod and the music I listen to frequently. I collected some data of numbers and times that the music and lyrics came in. My final idea was to display the times before the lyrics came in, of the songs that I listen to most. To do this I went through a number of songs and wrote down the time in which the lyrics came in, then took a note of the first few words of the song. My final piece was displaying the time in the form of a line and writing the lyrics after. This idea finalised in a range of lines of different sizes, followed by limited words at the end. 

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