Friday, April 25, 2014


For the Ravensbourne trip, we went to Berlin in Germany to discover the art and life of the city. We visited many inspiring places, which helped me with thinking of ideas to do with my final major project. A personal favourite Gallery we visited for me, had to be the photography museum. I love the photography side of Graphics and collected some information on useful artists and photographers to help me with my project on dance. 

As well as the photography museum, I enjoyed the Modern art museum very much too. It had a range of new unique pieces, some of which I had never seen or heard of before. 

We visited the parliament, in which is the highest part in Berlin. Walking up the spiral mirror building, we were told all about the sites, buildings and attractions of Berlin as we could see them from far. This was a great introduction as it made  me feel more connected with the City. 

We visited the Holocaust Museum, which told the stories of the Jewish and German sufferers that were included in the awful war. Outside the Museum was an installation based on the amount of people killed in the war. This was sad but beautiful and great work of art.

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