Friday, April 25, 2014

Creative Making week

For the first week back from Easter, we collaborated with the LBM group to mix up working partners. We got into groups and were told to bring in a range of weird and random objects. The first day we experimented with these objects and crafted together some new weird and random objects. In my group we had such a large collection of random stuff that we all started making different things. We ended up with a person made of a balloon, a hairband and a couple of other random things, a chair made of balloons, glow sticks and paper, a table made of playing cards and some other objects. 

With these objects we decided to make a story based on this man. I brought in a kaleidoscope which became a focal point of the story. With all our creative minds collaborated together, we thought up a life for our character, Bernard. We wanted to make a documentary of Bernard therefore had to find a voice and film him. We recorded the voice of an interview with a maintenance man that worked at Ravensbourne and edited it to sound like just him talking. This sounded great and we needed footage to go with it. Using the program Stockmotion, we hired a camera, a green-screen and some other equipment to film Bernard in his natural surrounding. All of us working together, we managed to get moving footage of Bernard by moving him in between filming. He had a pet rabbit sponge which was a fun part of the story. After putting the footage and sound together we came up with about a minute of Bernard's voice and life. We put the video up on YouTube, the voice worked really well.

We felt we needed a little more to go with the film, so we made a range of posters and logos for branding and created an installation of a kaleidoscope in Ravensbourne to add to the showing of the film. This all worked really well together and made Bernard's life more realistic, although it was fictional. 

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