Wednesday, April 23, 2014

FMP change

After a lot of thought and discussion with the tutors and other students, I decided that doing a magazine would not be the best idea for me. This is because it does not allow for a selection of final pieces, in the final show I will have one thing to show. I think it would be better to get a range of things to show, therefore I am now basing my Final Major project on Dance. 

In this project I will explore dance in my own way. I will look in to the history of dance, do drawings, take photographs, look at artists and designers relevant to my theme. I want to also focus on the human body and form. I find this really interesting and I think s much can be done with this theme. I could make sculptures and use stockmotion or other programs to make short films. 

I have in mind already some photographers that relate to this theme, Robert Mapplethorpe and Bill Brandt are brilliant photographers that I can use as supporting work in my project, they will inspire my dance and movement progress.

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