Thursday, November 7, 2013

Graphics - week 2

For the second week of the graphics pathway, we started a project on creating our own manifesto. At first this was confusing as there was no official theme, the manifesto was to be 'personal'. It took me a while to think of a good idea and a detailed brainstorm in my sketchbook, but I came up with the theme of dance. I've been doing dance since I was four so I am quite familiar with it and it has become a common part of my life, I have always loved it which is why it is personal to me. The manifesto will simply encourage and inspire people to include themselves in dance more frequently, in any form.

After some planning, I made a draft of the manifesto as a poster. At the end of the day we put everyone's draft posters/start to a poster together on the wall. Everyone took very different approaches and there was a large selection of ideas.

I needed to make my manifesto less literal in explanation, it need to be more self explanatory and less detailed and all over the place. I produced a range of layout ideas in my sketchbook to find one that was right for the theme. I also took a series of photographs in movement of people in my dance class, in their natural environment. I experimented with placing these photos in and around the draft layouts.

I decided what I was going to write and what photograph I was going to use. After trying out many fonts, I picked one that worked best with the poster.
This is the photograph I picked for my manifesto before it was edited on photoshop. The image was done with my camera on very slow shutter speed to create a ghosty dynamic effect.

After some drafts I decided to do some more research on actual magazine covers. I like the look of the 'the gentlewoman' magazine because it concentrates more on the actual photography and subject matter rather than the title and graphics. Seen as the photograph is quite strong in itself I wanted to use minimal text so that it did not take away from the image. After editing it in Photoshop and InDesign, my final manifesto looked like this:

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