Saturday, November 16, 2013

week 3 - photoshop and Indesign

Using these two programs, we were to make a movie poster for the film coming out in 2014 about the 33 miners who were stuck underground in 2010. It was to be shown on the tube like all the posters seen on the escalators. We searched the internet for photographs on the subject and picked the best one for a poster. I edited the photo in photoshop, cropping and changing the levels etc to make it look better for the poster. I decided to use a still taken from TV because I felt it had lots of meaning. This was the original photograph:

The picture was pixilated as it had come from TV, I smoothed some of it out but left the obvious blur, this is because I like the honest, real effect it has on the poster, showing that the film is depicting a real story. After doing some research on movie posters and what makes the best ones, I put the edited photo in InDesign, added text and discovered some tricks from the program, I ended up with my movie poster. 

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