Monday, November 18, 2013

week 3 - book cover

On wednesday we were sent to the library and given a brief to look for books on subjects that we are interested in for degree. We were then to create a book cover for a book inspired by the already existing ones we found in the library. Out of the choice of themes given, I decided to do some research into packaging design as it is a field I am interested in studying further in. I found the packaging design section and had a look at some interesting books, I took into account how the covers were designed, front and back. We were given a template sheet to allow us to explore a range of ideas, I finally decided to do my book cover on tea packaging design. This is because I have always found some tea boxes and packets beautiful and it was inspired by a book I found on biscuit boxes.

After some experimental designs, I ended up with this final design on paper.

Editing this on the computer, I came up with my final design of the book cover.

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