Saturday, November 2, 2013


For the introduction week of the graphics pathway, we started off my being put into groups and given a letter with a theme to create a film. I was put in group N with the theme of 'TIME'. We brainstormed the theme in depth and came up with many ideas of how we can represent 'time'. 

After some chatter, we decided on the idea of change throughout time. This included decay in fruit and food, cooking, change in the days, seasons, streets and general movement through time. We made a storyboard of a simple outline of the film in six frames.

We decided to all film something different at home and put them all together by editing on one computer on friday. I chose to film cooking. I set up my camera in my kitchen and thought of food that physically changes whilst cooking. One idea I had was frying bacon, so I took some footage of bacon in a pan. It got to about 10 minutes long to be broken down for the  movie. 

Another obvious change in cooking is water boiling. I filmed a pan with water boiling from cold.

On friday we then put the film together with IMovie. In class we also filmed an apple turning brown with a bite taken out of it and created a one minute movie of how things change throughout time. We posted the movie on youtube and showed it to the class. The film is found through this link:

Each person in the group also made a poster for the film about time. I did mine on photoshop and went for a minimalistic poster.

These are ones from other members of the group:

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