Saturday, September 28, 2013

3D design day 2

For the second day of the 3D design week, we focussed on bridges and started off by creating small paper bridges of which had to get from a few inches across the table. We were asked to use our imagination and be unique in these five examples. I varied my bridges in shape and size and used techniques such as folding, rolling and scrunching to make them look more interesting. I focussed more on the way they looked rather than the convenient side of it. My decorated bridges looked like this:

For the second part of the day, we were put in groups and told to create a large bridge, of which a remote control car was to go across without falling off or the bridge collapsing. We were given large sheets of cardboard, 30 bamboo sticks, rubber bands and lots of tape. The bridge could touch the ground in two different place in between the two tables it had to get across. First we brainstormed some ideas and made some sketches as a group until we found a design that would be secure enough to hold the car, looked good and was relatively easy to make. Our design was simple, but worked and was very secure and sturdy. We decorated it by cutting into the cardboard and creating sides so that the car could not fall off the side. The car drove smoothly across our bridge and it did not collapse or brake! 

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