Thursday, September 5, 2013

First day, objects from past and present

For the first project of the course, we were asked to bring along a collection of things from our past and present that represent us in some way. This is the collection of objects, photographs and trinkets thats I brought along with me on my first day. 
A necklace that my sister bought me, it is a heart shape to represent my middle name- Amanda, meaning 'to be loved'. 

A key ring a friend bought me from Holland, it has my initial J on the clog.

Ice cream is one of my favourite things, this is because when my mum was pregnant with me she craved it. This is a magnet I received as a present. 

A photograph of me and my best friend from when I was 5. It was taken in my dance school of which I have been attending since I was 4 years old and still go to now. It is a special place for me and became a large part of my life. 

I am born in  the year of the pig, I used to like the animal when I was a child therefore my family and friends used to buy me pig-themed gifts. I got this pencil years ago in my stocking. 

Travel tickets. I have been on holiday many times this summer and had great fun. I will always remember this summer and kept these tickets as remembrance. 

Life of Pi, I read this book on holiday and loved it. It will always remind me now of when I was in Mallorca.

This is a money token from Outlook festival that I recently attended in Croatia.

I put them all together on a large piece of paper and wrote why they are my chosen objects. 

We continued the first day by drawing four chosen objects out of our collection, on a large piece of paper using abnormal scale. For this I picked the four most significant things, which were: The Life of Pi book, the photograph of me as a child, the ice cream magnet, and my necklace. With these items I created a large drawing using a range of materials. 

The next task was to create collages out of our chosen items. This required us to learn how to use the photocopying machines in the building and create a whole new shape or object on paper with the prints. I photocopied a range of sizes of all the trinkets I had chosen and cut and stuck them into my book creating different shapes. 

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