Sunday, September 29, 2013

3D design day 3

Our third day of 3D design, we continued to focus on balance and constructions as we were asked to make a structure that could hold three plastic balls in different places, not touching and securely standing, out of spaghetti. We were given time to design the structure, a handful of spaghetti and a glue gun to glue it all together. This was quite hard as the pasta is very brittle and brakes easily, therefore to glue it and hold it together without it braking and without burning yourself, was a task in itself. I had a few ideas jotted down in my sketchbook, though when it came to creating the structure, it became much harder than it looked. I mixed together a few of my ideas and came up with a formation that ticked all the boxes, yet could have looked more professional. The balls were light so it did not need to be very supported, though the parts that held the balls had to be the correct size. 

After seeing all the structures together in a blur of pasta and coloured balls, we were asked to make the structure stronger to make it withstand a basketball hitting it from directly above. Seen as my structure was already made with singular pieces of spaghetti as support, this seemed impossible. Even so, I gave it a go! To do this I rolled paper round the spaghetti as support on the legs and piled up scrunched pieces in the tunnel of the structure. 

Very few of the classes protection structures worked... mine certainly did not! 

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  1. I found the different shaped support on each side interesting as one side is normal and the other quite explosive. Creates a contrast between neat, calm and abstract and sharp. I lie it how the structure is kind of leaning on side too, it looks unbalanced but it is still stable. To improve on this you may want to extend the sharper bits out more to make it more dramatic, i think at the moment it is bit too safe, maybe try to be more abstract here and go more confident with it.