Tuesday, September 24, 2013

3D design day 1

On the first day of our 3D design week, we started the day by being given a shape or form by Geoff of which we had to create something out of. The first thing we were told to do, was to draw a squiggle and then create a piece of furniture that sits two people and a cat out of this simple shape. We had little time to do this and out of instinct I decided to make a breakfast bar out of my squiggle with a cat bed at one end. 

We continued this exercise using different drawings, the next one was to make a rabbit cage out of my favourite fruit, which is raspberries. This was a bit of a challenge, seen as we were not told what we are supposed to make out of the drawing before we draw it on a page, it was hard. This caused me to get in touch with the deepest depths of my imagination, creating things I had never thought up before. 

The next drawing we had to do was a lamp or light out of a favourite piece of clothing. I made a lamp out of a shirt.

I also creates a ring out of the pattern on the sole of my shoes:

We continued to do 10 of these drawings, the next was a bus stop out of my house number.

We continued the day by being given a few sheets of paper and being asked to create an object that can hold a full bottle of water. This encouraged us to experiment with shapes and think about angles and weight in our work. I tested out a few different arrangements of the paper and saw which ones seemed the strongest and best to hold something up. I ended up making several different triangles and sticking them together with masking tape. I then folded another piece of paper to create a secure seat for the bottle to balance on and stuck that on top. After a little coloured decoration, I photographed the holder, it looked like this:

The bottle was dropped from a little above the holder, full of water, the idea was that the paper construction did not collapse. My work of art stayed in one piece! It was secure and could hold the full bottle of water without collapsing.

The next task was to create the same construction but make it so that it could hold my own weight. This was a little more difficult as again we only had minimum materials. This time we were given pieces of card board to do what we wanted to create 'an object that can hold a person's weight'. The idea was to make this structure unique and something that has not been seen before. I decided to take my previous smaller model as a starting point and used triangles as a theme. I started off by folding the big pieces of card board into different sized triangles and putting one inside the other. Three of the pieces folded inside each other made a pretty secure hold. I made a top for it in a triangular shape and tested it out, this was comfortable as it was a supporting shape for my bottom. With time to spare I decorated the seat by cutting out triangular shapes in the cardboard layers creating three dimensional triangles sticking out of the front. I took to it with a coloured pen and gave it a try. The seat was quite comfortable and secure considering it was made completely from cardboard and masking tape. 

After everyone had finished we put all the classes seats together and tested them out. Mine seemed so secure that I was asked if I could stand on it without it collapsing, I tried it with some help up and succeeded! I did not collapse having held my whole weight. After contemplating keeping it for an extra seat on the tube, it was destroyed and recycled. Everyone's seats looked good together and people came up with a range of ideas. 

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  1. The chair you made today looks very stable and solid, I can see how you have thought about the strong shapes that could help in terms of function. The chair worked very well function wise. You can improve this chair by thinking aesthetic wise; you can try adding something on the sides eg negative space, cutting into the actual cardboard, slotting triangles through the cardboard holes maybeeee.......