Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Today was the first day of the fashion and textiles taster week. We started off this morning by creating different textures with paper and materials. I worked in a three dimensional style with levels and texture by overlaying and folding different types of patterned paper. I started off using the theme of circles and cut pieces of patterned paper to stick under green card, then continued to fold and stick these circular shapes to create a variation of ornamental circles.

By twisting, cutting, sticking and weaving, I created 6 different circles of paper. 

From this we picked the favourite most interesting piece and enlarged it. To do this I cut bigger circles out of larger pieces of paper and card. I made one of the shapes 3 dimensional and created bigger versions of it. 

We were then put into groups and created fashion garments onto the mannequins. This required using other people's paper creations and making clothes on to the model with nothing but the paper creations we had made as a group, and pins. We were given random people's designs and were given a theme for each different one we did. Firstly we were to make a dress out of the materials given, this was how it came out:

We then referred back to our original mannequins and photographed what the other people had done. 

Moving along we were given the guideline of 'anger'. This is what we produced with the patterns we had. 

My original mannequin with the theme anger turned out like this:

The next one was to work around the bottom:

My own turned out like this:

The next theme was 'organisation', for this we worked with symmetry:

We were then asked in our groups to produce three different outfits on the mannequin with our own collection of textural paper parts. My group produced these three works of art:

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  1. I like your green circular based cone shaped objects for the fashion rotation, i think they are interesting shapes and colour are chosen well, it gave it a vintage look in my views. Each little shapes seems to have their own character, the twisting and folding creates nearly a personality. To improve on these shapes or to try out new ways of doing them, maybe you can use much more darker and aggressive colour to match the twisting shapes to match their character, and the nice folding one seem more happy and can use more vibrant and bright colours maybe to represent kind. I think the contrast of these 2 put together would create a good effect! :D