Saturday, September 7, 2013

Day 3 Timeline

For our third day, we were asked to write down everything we've done since the beginning of the week on a piece of paper. I did this in list form yet with some quick sketch illustrations to it. To fuel these thoughts I used my own feelings as well as actvities I had done. I included things I had thought and done outside of college, in and around home. I mostly focussed on what I had been influenced by and what had caught my eye and stayed in my head. This is the original list.

We were then asked to make a timeline of these things I had written down in any way. There was a choice of materials, I decided to do my timeline with a map kind of theme. I started on the first day, using paper, words and illustrations to travel through my week. With a piece of string, I created different stops taking it through my journey of the week. This helped me remember my first week of college and reflects the theme of 'memory'.
I made my piece three dimensional by creating shapes out of paper and string.

I used maps and papers that I had collected in the past week to create a mixed media piece of work added to my timeline.

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