Thursday, September 5, 2013

Trip day 'Making it up: Photographic Fictions'

Another small exhibition that I particularly liked was a photographical retrospective of four framed works in a photography exhibition room. The small exhibition displays fictional characters that have been purposely staged in a set room rather than un-planned street or fact photography. These photographs interested me as they compared old-fashioned pictures to modern ones. I really like old photography as the original process was much more complicated and more difficult to do, producing an original and specific result. The brown colouring replacing monochrome tones, highlights the originality as you can see they are worn. My favourite collection was albumen prints by Lady Hawarden in about 1864. She used her two eldest daughters as models and positioned them to portray scenes of courtship. They enact the intimacy of lovers while also evoking the emotional closeness between mother and daughter, and sisterhood. The photographs were taken from old albums and are slightly damaged, they have no explanation to their existence.

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