Wednesday, September 11, 2013


For the second day of our fashion week, we took the original paper shapes we created based on texture and dressed up cutouts of magazines that we had previously brought in. To do this we focussed on three dimensional works and made clothes for the models in unique ways. I enjoyed this and was happy with the way my new costumes turned out. 

The class then put all the best ones together and displayed them on two boards, it was good to see everyones work together and compare them. 

The final part of the day lead us to start creating clothing designs in our sketch books to prepare for making the life-sized versions tomorrow. We were told to do a large selection of quick drawings of garments. 

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  1. One of my favourite magazine manipulation of yours is the one with the circle on the hip, this grab my attention because it is unusual, the shape don’t usually appear around the hips, I think it creates a very bold look, it almost looks like some kind of shield or even armour, the pattern and colour enhance this idea. I also like the contrast of the gold and green, its creates a old fashion look in a way but quite present at the same time. To improve on this you can try putting more of this patterned circle and make the costume even bigger and standind out for conceptial ideas. It would be a good starting point.