Thursday, September 5, 2013

Trip day 'Memory Palace'

The exhibition taught me about how people think about the future. The idea was that the universe was going to transform into a world where there was no connection between humans and nature. That people no longer had to do anything and that technology took over. A story was told of how memory was stored and from what I understood from it, the story was saying how memory became existent in a sense that one could physically download it from their brain. The story depicted a man locked in a cell who developed to only remember blankness as when he died it was downloaded from his brain so he no longer had any memory of his life. I thought the exhibition was well displayed and gave a base of ideas for a possible project. It was interesting to see what people had written on their 'page of memory' that is displayed in the final room of the exhibition. It made me think about what I would put if I could write my life down on a piece of paper. It also made me realise how important memory is in life and how some things you can never forget.

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